Grinding and separation of shell and protein from crushed (<10 mm²) press cake (ex. hemp, walnut, linseed, rapeseed, rose hip kernels, hazelnut, sunflower, camelina, etc.)

Grinding and separation of shell and flour or whole meal flour from barley, wheat, durum wheat, amaranth, peeled oats, buckwheat, spelled, einkorn, emmer, millet seed, corn, rye, quinoa, lentils, field bean, lupines, chickpeas, others on request.

Scope of delivery:

  • Adjustable feet
  • Motor protection integrated in the machine (0/1-emergency stop switch)
  • Amperemeter
  • Electrical connection cable (ready to plug in)

Optional equipment:

  • Various strainer covers
  • Different rotors

*depending on seed, humidity, degreee of grinding, application

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