Mahlknecht Pin mill plant



 Production of flour from press cakes from: Hemp, rosehip seeds, hazelnut, raspberry seeds, jatropha, jojoba, currant seeds, prickly pear, camelina, linseed, lupins, macadamia nut, corn germ, almonds, poppy seeds, moringa, neem, niger seed, plum seeds, rapeseed, black cumin, mustard, sesame, shea, soy , soldier fly larvae, sunflower seeds, walnuts, lemon seeds, and much more.

Scope of delivery:

  • Dosingtank 600l including agitator in 1.4301, speed control
  • Dosing screw  
  • Pin mill in 1.4301
  • Rotary valve, cyclone, cell wheel, pipeline in 1.4301 conductive
  • Electrical connection cable/control (ready to plug in)
  • Screeningmachine Ø800, different mesh sizes

Optional equipment:

  • Various screen covers

*depending on seed, moisture, grinding degree, application, fat content

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