Oil press / expeller KK20 F Special



Amaranth, argan, apricot kernels, avocado seeds, baobab, cottonseeds, fenugreek, borage, cashew, copra/coconut flakes, chia, strawberry kernels, peanut, thistle, safflower seeds, pomegranate seeds, crickets, rosehip seeds***, hemp, hazelnut, raspberry seeds, elderberry seeds, jatropha, jojoba, currant seeds, coffee beans, cocoa beans, prickly pear seeds***, camellia, cherry pits, coriander, pumpkin seeds, camelina, camelina, linseed, linseed, lupines, macadamia nut, corn germ, almonds, milk thistle, melon seeds, poppy seeds, moringa, nutmeg, evening primrose, neem, niger seed, palm kernels, paprika seeds, brazil nut, passion fruit, peach seeds, plum seeds, rapeseed, sacha inchi, sea buckthorn***, black cumin, mustard, sesame, shea, soy, soldier fly larvae, sunflower seeds, walnut, grape seeds, lemon seeds, others on request.

Scope of delivery:

  • Oil press / expeller with stainless steel hopper (equipped with hard seed screw, hard seed sieve/barrel, standard breaker, hard seed cover nut, counter nut)
  • Electrical control cabinet (equipped with 0/1-switch, connection cable, emergency off switch, plug, frequency converter and speed control)
  • Heating sleeve 230 V incl. shockproof plug
  • Press nozzle set (Ø 5–16 mm)
  • Pressing tools (consisting of 1x nozzle key, 2x hook spanner, 1x stainless oil drain pan)
  • Food-safe gear oil in the machine

Special Equipment:

Special equipment for different seeds

*depending on seed

**depending on seed, additional equipment may be needed

***crushing of seed is necessary

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